Reports of known Government Corruption


July 19, 2001 Top-level FBI corruption BY LENNY SAVINO KRT NEWS SERVICE

San Diego CA. Government Corruption

San Francisco

Feburary 17, 1998 Cops 'lured' into Net sex and caught

Los Angeles Government Corruption


Houston TX.





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"It is no longer 'Our' Legal system. The legal system no longer represents Truth and Justice, Fairness, Equity or Principle. Ask any lawyer. Today's legal system is a big (BIG) business that involves a myriad of professionals and nonprofessionals that are strictly in it for the money. The outcome of a legal issue has little bearing on righteous justice, but is strongly influenced by our laws, some of which conflict. The outcome of a legal issue is also influenced by the players in a case and their relationships which corrupt the legal system even more. Yet, no matter how poorly these players perform, they cannot lose. Only you have something at stake." Stop abuse" webring is for people who attempt to abolish the abuse of power.